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Poker Run Rally 2019


Unite as One

Welcome to One Love ..created for all car enthusiast who share the same passion and excitement for their automobiles. This unique car club brings together genuine lovers, enthusiast and novices. Together we’ve created a car club like no other, including car events and supporting events for greater causes this club unites them all... ​​

About Us

Our Promise to the industry

Are you looking to be involved with an exciting and unique group? We organize some of the best, created with higher standards and always recognizing charitable organizations. It’s our promise to uphold our events with the utmost respect and pride for all who attend and the autos they love to drive.

Friendly Staff

Our admins are fun, outgoing individuals who just love to be around cars. We all share the same passion for cars and enjoy organizing events for all car club enthusiasts…we will create one-of-a-kind events throughout the year bringing fun, togetherness and a simple love for cars.

Come join us for summer fun and exciting day. Saturday October 17th  we will have one of the most unique event for our members. We will be visiting some of history’s best locations around the Florida area. and will be ending our Mystery Run at Ace Cafe with live entertainment a Car Show food and drinks raffles, giveaways, special raffle for the ladies  Event will start at 8am and ending at 5pm ….STAY TUNE FOR MOVE DETAILS!

Saturday October 17th

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Poker Run Rally 'Aces & Auto' - Sunday October 17th 2020

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Start and Finish Locations more to come stay tune

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