Steve Hew

Graduate with my masters in photography shifted from film to digital… made a change to IT. Worked for a few advertisement companies…my interest and passion growing up was always around cars, my family were into race cars and show cars.. the love for cars made me an car enthusiast. The best enjoyment is to see other car enthusiast sharing the same passion as myself.  

Kaylin Murray

A native Floridian; I started at the young age of 5 hanging out with my father in the garage and haven’t left yet. I grew a diverse love for any fast cars like my father. After I graduated, I served 6 great years in the United States Navy before settling back down in Orlando, Florida.  I now work for a fortune 500 company where I spend time working with my clients to ensure they are on the right path for growth and financial freedom. My love for cars has remained strong.  I now enjoy racing my own car and meeting other car enthusiast!


Steve and I met in 2017 over a business transaction. As we were making small conversation, our love for cars quickly brought us  closer, we have been friends ever since. It wasn’t because of a specific brand or specific type. It was due to the fact that we share the same interest. I am a firm believer of this new venture that we are starting, looking forward to meeting everyone. 

Michele Best

An Orlando native with a thirst for knowledge of the complexity of motor vehicles today. Though I’ve lived in Florida all of my life, I do love to flee the country every now and then. When I am not out driving my car, I enjoy connecting with people from different backgrounds and sharing their automotive passion. There’s something special about car enthusiasts which brings us all together on a more personal level. As a team member, I am excited to bring you the culture of everything automotive to your fingertips. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and learning what revs your engine.
….Vroom vroom

Brandon Macabitas

Brandon Macabitas Associate Manager at “CentralSquare Technology”

Since I was a little boy, I have always loved cars. I love to share knowledge on what I know about them and am willing to learn more about them. I believe that this car club can help fellow car enthusiasts learn more about their automobiles and be able to share information and knowledge from each other. I drive a ’09 BMW M3  that is my pride and joy! Hope to meet y’all at the next car event. 

Toni Quaglia

A central Florida resident since 1973 and President & Owner of a printing company, I would be considered the novice of the group. Having lived in Florida for all these years now, I was never active in any kind of clubs…and there are many. Then my friend Steve Hew introduced me to an auto Club where car enthusiasts got together to share their interests. It wasn’t just exciting to see so many different beautiful cars, it was also meeting new people who enjoy and share the same interests… the love of their autos. I am looking forward to seeing the new additions and meeting their owners.